About me

Here is my short introduction

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Hey there! I am Shradheya (since thats a long and confusing name, you can also call me Shrad).

I am currently a Year 3 Undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science in National University of Singapore. I have a passion for Software Engineering and love building softwares. Born in India, I have spent majority of my time living in different countries like Libya, Oman and Kuwait before finally coming to Singapore to pursue my undergraduate studies. This has given me great exposure to different cultures and lifestyle allowing me to easily fit in with different people. Currently I am on an entrepreneurship program and interning for an 1 full year at Boxed in New York City!

Why hire me?

I am extremely passionate about software engineering. I have built quite a few side projects from scratch to learn some of the latest technologies that are being used currently to develop software. I am currently an active contributor to TEAMMATES and the Wikimedia Commons Application. Working on these two products has given me experience in learning to write enterprise level code and contributing to the open source software movement. Apart from my technical prowess, I also possess good leadership skills and can work well in a team. I have led several project groups in university and was part of the Head Student Council in my high school. I also possess good communication skills and have quite some experience in giving Tech Talks. Being very determined and committed to achieving my goals, I can be a great asset to any team since I will do my best to get work done.

What I hope to achieve?

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I aim to gain an in-depth experience of the work culture through this oppurtunity. Using my strong technical skills I hope to contribute effectively to the place I will be working in. This internship will allow me to enhance my current technical skills and pick up new ones. I also consider this to be an opportunity to work with people from different parts of the world. I hope to use the internship as a platform to implement my ideas in the actual world and pursue my passion of being an entrepreneur. At the end of the internship, I want to take back the experiences I would have gained while working at a buzzing place and use them to become a better developer and entrepreneur.

My Experience

I have experience of working at a professional level which has provided me with real life experience and helped me learn and hone new skills

  • Aug 2018 - July 2019

    Boxed, New York

    Software Engineering Intern

    Boxed was founded in 2013 by an experienced group of tech pioneers with a simple idea: make shopping for bulk easy, convenient and fun, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Today, we’re delivering joy across the country with every order.

    Currently working in the Logistics and Operation Engineering team responsible for fulfilling the customer orders through the fulfillment centers. Technology Stack : Node.js, React Native, JavaScript , Go

    Key Takeaways:

    As a part of the overseas entrepreneurship programme I got work at a NY startup for an year. This oppurtunity helped me in exploring the e-commerce retail industry and learn a lot more about startups.

    Being in the Logistics engineering team I gained a lot of knowledge about the operations of the startup and contributed in the warehouse management systems responsible for fulfilling the orders. I am currently involved in helping set up the automated robot carts and often go down to New Jersey and Dallas, Texas warehouse to help in the operations. My main contribution is by writing code and I am doing full stack development work on web and mobile apps. I have also helped in buildng and updating some microservices for the engineering team.

  • Dec 2017 - Aug 2018


    Full-Stack Developer | Google Summer of Code 2018

    Took part in weekly scheduled releases by contributing bug fixes, reviewing Pull Requests of other contributors and implementing new features in a 100k+ lines of code project.

    Developer for a free online Java Web Application for managing peer evaluations and other feedback paths of students, with a total user of over 200,000 students from over 1,400 institutions globally.

    Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Google App Engine, JSP, Gradle, HTML, CSS, Git.

    Key Takeaways:

    This project was the first time that I had worked on such a large codebase. It provided me with the opportunity to learn various aspects of Software Engineering for e.g. DevOps and Code Analysis. This gave me the opportunities to improve workflow of project and contribute by working on end to end enhancements. The project demanded me to effectively use the software engineering skills and the senior developers gave reviews which helped me write perfect production quality code.

    This project has made me a better developer and taught me that a developer needs to know a lot more than just coding. Because of the long period that I have been associated with the project, I have gained knowledge about various new technologies and tools. Being a part of this project also gave me the opportunity to present this project at the 12th SoC Term Project Showcase at National University of Singapore.

    By working on the project for 4 months, I was awarded the status of Committer and by continuing to work on the project as a part of Google Summer of Code, I earned the rank of a senior developer.

  • Mar 2018 - May 2018


    Developer Intern

    Dexecure speeds up websites by automating optimization techniques using latest web technologies.

    Fixed bugs in the website and enhanced various tools which are used to speed up websites by writing and analysing test code.

    Key Takeaways:

    This was my first internship as a student. It was a great opportunity for me to work along side with the CEO as well as CTO and receive guidance from them. I had the discretion to implement features in my own style and it immensely helped me in gaining confidence to write code which was shipped to users. During my internship, I realised I work well under pressure with the capability of meeting deadlines on time.

  • Aug 2017 - May 2018

    Teaching Assistant for CS1010, which was an introductory course with C as the language of choice. I was responsible for conducting weekly discussions and grading assignments.

    Tutor for CS2103 (Software Engineering) module in which I led 2 teams in developing their Address Book Application project using Scrum methodology to learn project management by enhancing a basic project.

    Key Takeaways:

    Handling the duties of a part time Teaching assistant under highly qualified Professors, gave me the opportunity to pursue my interest of teaching Computer Science topics. Teaching these two modules allowed me to interact with wide range of students allowing me to learn how to improve my teaching skills and learning new things everyday.

    While leading two teams to build their project using Software Engineering skills, I learned a few skills of Project management which helps me in working wth teams. During preparation of my teaching, I realized how it helped me to understand concepts in a much better way and learn more about it in-depth to explain clearly to students.


Here are some projects that I have done at a professional level and as part of school and personal projects

NUS Events

NUS Orbital Programme

May 2017 - Aug 2017

Developed a native Android Application in a group of 2 using Android Studio (Java) from scratch for university to students to keep track of interested events in campus and effectively manage their appointments.
Engineered clean UI/UX (XML) design and used SQL and JSON (Firebase) in backend for students to keep track of all events in campus and indicate interest.

GitHub : NUSEvents


Software Engineering Project

Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

Lead a team of 4 members to implement new features using Version Control (Git) in an Agile process.
Built 5 features individually and helped in code review and managing resolving conflicts and merging PR’s of teammates.
Carried out Software Engineering Aspects like Testing using JUnit, writing useful documentation for User Guide and Developer guide and CI tools like Travis, CodeCov and AppVeyor.
In this project I also used the various software engineering principles and designs when implementing my features, for e.g. Singleton Pattern, Builder pattern and MVC pattern.
The Personal Portfolio can be found here.

GitHub : iContacts


Chrome Extension built at a hackathon

Jan 2018

Created a Google Chrome extension which publicly tweets out from the users Twitter account all the keystrokes and websites that a user visits.
Used NodeJS for backend to authenticate and sent HTTP requests and wrote client-side scripts to anonymously gather user activity
Winner of Most Annoying Hack - Hack&Roll 2018.

GitHub : OutCognito


Personal Side Project

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

Built a functional deployed website using Angular in front end and ExpressJS and MongoDB at backend to allow sports enthusiast to chat on a live forum to discuss the ongoing live matches.

GitHub : Chatting Forum with MEAN Stack


Open Source Contributor

Jan 2018 - March 2018

The Wikimedia Commons Android app allows users to upload pictures from their Android phone/tablet to Wikimedia Commons.
As an open source contributor, I helped in revamping the UI of app and helping find and fix bugs in the front-end.

My Contributions on GitHub : WikiMedia Commons App


Open Source Contributor

Jan 2018 - Mar 2018

Exercism is a open source free software which provides resources for new programmers to quickly ramp up in new programming languages.
As an open source contributor, I helped in writing test cases for several java exercies and designing canonical data for exercises.

My contributions on GitHub : Exercism - Java

Anex- Budget Tracker

iNTUtion Hackathon

Sep 2017

Write backend RESTful API's for CRUD operations on transaction details and analysing budget for a fixed period.
Technologies Used: ExpressJs and Sequelize (SQL Wrapper)

GitHub : Anex Backend RESTful API's


NYU Hackathon

Feb 2019

Learnwise is a platform where you can upload your PDF resources, allowing you to read them in an enriched way while seeing definitions and news summaries related to the content in real-time at a glance.
Technologies Used: Flask, Reack, NLP, IBM Watson. Won the 1st IBM Sponsor prize in HackNYU at MLH 2019.

Github : Frontend

Co-Curricular Activities and Awards

I am also highly involved in co-curricular activites and have won a few awards

Co-Curricular Activities


My Education

National University of Singapore

2016 - Present

Bachelor of Computing (Honours) in Computer Science

Specialization: Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence
Expected Graduation Date: May 2020
Cumilative Average Point: 4.86 / 5.00

Part time Teaching Assistant 2017 - 2018.
Production Head, Indian Instrumental Ensemble 2016-2018.
Cluster Leader at Prince Georges Park Residences.
Volunteer for RunNUS marathon event.

Details of relevant modules taken at NUS


Some of my technical and non-technical skills which I have gained in the past. I aim to acquire more new skills and get better at the existing ones


HTML,CSS, JSP & jQuery


IntelliJ IDE, VS Code
Testing (JUnit, Selenium & NgTest)
Microsoft Suite
Static Analysis Tools

Web and Mobile Applications

NodeJS (ExpressJS)
RecatJS, Angular
React Native
Android Native Apps (Java/Kotlin)


Design Principles and Patterns
Logistics and Operations in Retail
Project Management
Technical Documentation
Technical Talks

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me through any of the following social media platforms


37 Prince Georges Park Residences
Kent Ridge, Singapore


+65 83417302